Need firepower? Want to shoot something different?

How about a machine gun or a suppressor?

Choose from our huge selection knowing that our rental and ammo prices are always competetive.

Glock 17 Gen 49 mmGlock 17 Gen 49 mm
Glock 17 Gen 59 mmGlock 17 Gen 59 mm
Glock 19 Gen 49 mmGlock 17 FULLY AUTOMATIC9 mm
Glock 19 Gen 59 mmGlock 19 Gen 49 mm
Glock 20 Gen 410mmGlock 19 Gen 59 mm
Glock 21 Gen 4.45 AutoGlock 439 mm
Glock 42.380 AutoGlock 43X9 mm
Glock 439 mmGlock 459 mm
Glock 43X9 mmGlock 489 mm
Glock 459 mmRex Alpha9 mm
Glock 489 mmRex Zero 1T 9mm Suppressor ready9 mm
Rex Alpha9 mmRex Zero CP9 mm
Rex Zero 1T 9 mm Suppressor ready9 mmRock Island 9mm 19119 mm
Rex Zero CP9 mmSig Sauer P3659 mm
Rock Island .22 TCM 1911.22 CalSmith & Wesson MP Shield 99 mm
Rock Island .45 ACP 1911.45 AutoSuppressor9 mm
Rock Island 9mm 19119 mmGlock 20 Gen 410 mm
Ruger 10/22 rifle.22 CalGlock 42.380 Auto
Ruger LCP.380 AutoRuger LCP.380 Auto
Rugger SR 22.22 CalSmith & Wesson 380 Shield EZ.380 Auto
Sig Sauer P3659 mmGlock 21 Gen 4.45 Auto
Smith & Wesson 380 Shield EZ.380 AutoRock Island .45 ACP 1911.45 Auto
Smith & Wesson MP 15/22 Rifle.22 CalSmith & Wesson MP Shield 45.45 Auto
Smith & Wesson MP Shield 45.45 AutoSuppressor.45 ACP
Smith & Wesson MP Shield 99 mmRock Island .22 TCM 1911.22 Cal
Smith & Wesson Victory 22.22 CalRuger 10/22 rifle.22 Cal
Daniel Defense DDM V5 Rifle.223Ruger SR22.22 Cal
Shotgun12 GaugeSmith & Wesson MP 15/22 Rifle.22 Cal
Suppressor9 mmSmith & Wesson Victory 22.22 Cal
Suppressor.45 ACPSuppressor.223
Suppressor.223Daniel Defense DDM VF Rifle.223
Smith & Wesson Sport 25.56Shotgun12 Gauge
Glock 179 mm
Because we are constantly adding new rental guns, this is only a partial list of guns and accessories you can try at Parma Armory. Call our gun store at 216-242-6717 to request the latest, most complete list.

Due to the recent government mandate for Cuyahoga County, all visitors entering and utilizing Parma Armory Shooting Center will be required to wear face coverings until further notice*. Should you not have a face covering, one will be provided to you for your visit. The safety of our customers, and our staff, is our #1 priority and we appreciate your compliance. 

*As mandated by guidelines and exceptions set forth by The State of Ohio Board of Health July 8, 2020.

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